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ESS/MSS JCO connections for Travel and Financials are not shown

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Hello all,

We installed ESS/MSS business packages and we are surprised to notice that the following JCO connections for Travel and Financials are not shown.





However, the other JCO connections are very much available and we did activate them.

Please advise on how to make the above mentioned Travel and Financials JCO connections available.


Vicky R.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is difficult to identify why the JCO connection is not available for activation. I suggest the following option.

#1 Create new JCOs connection and check the webdynpro application.

#2 Re-install the bussiness package again or install higher version if possible.

#4 Do check the webdynpro application is available in portal content which you are looking for, if it is then create new JCOs connection.


Sanjeev Mourya

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I would recommend manually creating the JCO destinations and then testing the application. It should work.

If it doesnt work then check the SDM or JSPM logs to see if you had any errors while deployment.

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Hi Sanjeev, Surya,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we thought of creating JCO connections manually but refrained from doing so as we knew that the installation of business packages should create the JCO destinations by default and hence re-installed the business packages. But the problem still exist. We are still looking at the ways and means of resolving the issue. If nothing works out, we will create them manually and test the corresponding applications.


Vicky R.

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Not sure if this will work for you, but we have a problem with our JCo destinations not showing up, even after they've been created.

What we do is go to the JCo destinations area.

On the left, there is a search tab - click on that.

Object type: JCo Destination

Search in: All

Hit search

After you select one, hit the JCO connections tab

They will all appear in this list. Once you select one, hit the JCO connections tab on the right and you can maintain them etc...

Hope this helps.

If they're not there, you'll need to create them manually.

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Thanks Darvern, it resolved the issue.

Vicky R.

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