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ESS cookbook compare

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Hi All,

We are upgrading from EP6 SP 17 to SP 23. I am following the JDI cookbook in creating 2 new tracks( 1for ref and 1 for changes). As per the cookbook, after we import the DCs, we need to compare metadata, but it doesn't really go into details. I did the compare and when I print the deltas, I get a huge file with XML content can't understand much from it.

Also does it help to use 'Track Connections' of NWDI? If so, what should I do over there? I was going through Marion's blog but couldn't really get a handle of what needs to be done for my scenario? (left a Qn there 2)

The only other way I can think of is to compare manually each file through merge tools, but it is error prone...

Guys, Please provide your valuable suggestions...Appreciate!

Thanks in Advance,


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Also I would like to add that while upgrading the SPs, we have found 19 for ESS and PCUI, where as SP23 for JEE, BUILDT and JTECHS. Should i go with 23 for these dependant SCs or should I go with the 17 or 19 version of the dependant SCs?



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Our developers complained about the same issue during metadata comparison.

SAP expects you to generate that XML file and analyse it by opening in IE.

"If you open the file in your local windows explorer, you can see differences between the objects of the source project and the target project The differences are listed in order of appearance and numbered. The object details are displayed in the last element of the relevant delta."

There is not much else available for help. The idea is to let developers analyze the change in SAP delivered source in SPS and old customized version of the code. More versions you jumping over 17->23 more differences you will encounter.

Track connection is not much of use here as all the action happens in DEV and CONS.

Regarding SP versions of the SCs, go with versions delivered in Support Pack Stack bundle.

If SPS has 19 for ESS and PCUI and 23 for the rest, go with them. SPS is the most thoroughly tested unit from SAP.