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ESS configurations in portal and ECC system.

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Hi ,

This post is regarding the ESS implementation in portal . ( SAP NW2004s )

I want to know the complete set of configurations for implementing ESS in portal.

configurations in SAP ECC system and in portal.

My system configurations:

1. i installed the SAP NW2004s IDES system with a dual stack ( ABAP+JAVA) with usage type as EP.

2. For portal users (J2EE users ) the UME data source is ABAP i.e ; if i create users in sap ecc system in clientt 001 then they can be used toeven login in the portal.

3. steps followed till now in implemnting ESS In portal:

1. Deployed ESS and MSS business Package from SDM.

2. I can see the ESS iviews in portal at this path :under content provided by sap -end user content.

3. added ESS role to the portal user.

4. created the technical system for SAP ECC and in use rmapping for system acces , i gave the user as sap ECC system user from client 800 , not the client 001 bcoz there were no employees in the 001 client, so mapped the 800 client user to 001 portal user and same type of mapping was done for Jco connctions also.

5. did the jco connections for application data and metadat for sap_r3_hr, fi, travel self geberics and so on.

6.assigned an already existing employee in the IDES system in client 800 to the user 'SAPUSER' , who was mapped to the j2ee user ( portal user) .

Problems facing:

1. i m able to send the leave request and approver for the leave is selected by default, but on the other side of approving the leave i'e; on the manger side ( MSS role added to the created manager user for potral)

i'm not able assign the approver to the manager user that i craeted , bcoz the approver "HANSEN CHARLETT" there are lot of employees with the same name and with diffrent personel number, so i'm not able to find the personel number of the approver.


1. how to assign an employee to the manager.

2. how to find the reagrding manager for an employee.

3. shud the employees and manager assined must be in the ESSUSER group.

4. in the book Business package for ESS ( mysap ERP 2005) they sais that both the j2ee user and the ecc backend user names have to be identical ( but i have a doubt like , anyay the mapping is done with correct client , username and password , so why the same usernames shud be there?)

5. and wat are the list of all different roles we need to add to varous users ( backend and portal users) for ESS .

answers will be rewarded.

Thanks & regards.


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You should configure system from SPRO:

Personnel Management --> Employee Self-Service --> Service-Specific Settings --> Working Time --> Leave Request --> Processing Processes.

There you can find setting's for processing of leave request, including BADI for determination of next approver in case you cant use standart process settings.

Also, take a look at this manintaining view: V_T554S_WEB - here you can define workflow for each type of leave request.

hope it was helpfull.



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please check the following blog

it may help you

Thanks and regards

shanto aloor