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ES5 authorization issue - keeps on asking authorization in SAP Web IDE

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Hi Experts,

While trying to configure Data connection -> service url(ES5) in my SAP Web Ide , it keeps on asking for authorization.

It has been working previously but not sure all of a sudden why its behaving this way.

Also just to add, all my previous applications configured using ES5 are working fine. I'm facing issue while configuring odata for creating a new application

PS: I had configured the destination in SAP Cloudplatform cockpit , Selected "no authorization" too - - no luck.

I could login to web ide and sapes5.devcenter with same credentials smoothly.

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Can you add a screenshot of your destination?

What about via the Service Catalog option? Does it work through there?

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Hi Michal,

Thanks for your quick response.

Please find attached screenshot for ES5 destination configured in SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

I had updated the "Authentication to No Authentication" recently...

Also, I couldnt see the ES5 destination selection from "Service Catalog" option mentioned

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First, if you want it to appear in the Service Catalog option, you need to insert odata_abap in the WebIDEUsage property.

Second, if it worked for you before you set it to "NoAuthentication", then which user was configured in the destination?

When the browser pops-up the dialog for credentials, can you try entering another user?

Maybe your user was locked for too many failed logins?

Your destination seems configured properly.