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Errors in manual upload in signavio process intelligence SQL Script

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while i'm working with Manual upload in signavio process intelligence, getting data type errors like

'=' cannot be applied to varchar, bigint,

Unexpected parameters (integer, integer, integer) for function concat. Expected: concat(char(x), char(y)) , concat(array(E), E) E, concat(E, array(E)) E, concat(array(E)) E, concat(varchar) , concat(varbinary)

I'm not getting these errors when I work with SAP-ECC or SAP-HANA data sources.

How do we know what data types to be given? for what tables? and for what columns?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Vinod,

currently, you cannot change the data types when using the manual upload. Hence the table column data types can differ and do differ from what is extracted via the RFC user from SAP ECC and S4HANA. The only chance currently is to cast the columns which do not work in the transformations when using the manual upload.

There is an item on our roadmap to improve the manual upload within the next months.

Optimally would be if you could open a ticket in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad so that our team can track the number of requests and issues per feature.

Another option is to use our ABAPTE which is recommended for exports from SAP ERP systems. You may want to get in touch with/book our consulting team - they could help you to perform the export once. In case you are interested in consulting services, please reach out to

Warm regards,

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Got it.

Thank you Caecilia.

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Hi Caecilia.

We have also the cast function but manual upload only allows string data type during initial configuration.

The error we are facing is while executing " Run T&L" is "Error Executing Transformation Processor EVENT - (Column c_time has an unexpected type -> VARCHAR)", we have already tried these possible solutions:

  1. Maintaining the Data type of c_time column as "datetime"
  2. Using cast function for c_time column

Then also it is not wokring, what is the solution to this? is there any way where we can change the data type? how to resolve this?

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