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Hi experts,

PLZ can any body give me the reasons and solution for the following errors.

!. data source replication.

2. ALE remote Lock.

3. Time stamp errors

4. Error 4



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1. Data Source Replication is required so that source system (Ex: R/3) and target system (Ex: BW) are in sync as regards the buckets used for sending and receiving the data (in layman's language). <br>

2. When you are loading master data or transaction dara from source system, then corresponding InfoObject or Data Target will be locked by ALEREMOTE ID (Generally used by Process Chains) so that nobody else or no other process can make any changes to data in the same InfoObjects or Data Targets.<br>

3. Time Stamp Error will occur when timestamp for a datasource is different in the source (Ex: R/3) and target system (Ex: BW). Please check OSS Notes 422173, 836288, 860500 which are related to different timestamp errors. <br>

4. Please click on the error message to see more details of Error 4. It should be simple to fix it.


Hope it helps.<br><br>

Cheers Abhijit<br>

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