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hi all

when i am execute the query i got this error messages"

1.Error varible 0p_fvaex could not be replaced.

2.Error specify a value for variable 0p_fvaex.

3.abort system error in program SAPLRRKO and form APPEND_KHANDLE_1-01-.

please any one help me.



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Answers (4)

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hi sadasivarao,

pls drag&drop the 0p_fvaex chracteristic in the rows area.

to avoid the this error.



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Take a look to OSS Note 303787...

Hope it helps!



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hi Sada,

check if oss note helps

SAP Note Number: 858477

also 585202,660514



Error Message: "Variable 0P_FVAEX could not be replaced." is displayed every time when trying to access Web template 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0006, 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0002 and 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0104

Other terms

0P_FVAEX, 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0006, 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0002, 0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0104

Reason and Prerequisites

Programming Error. The warning message Variable "0P_FVAEX" can not be replaced is not suppressed in the Web template.


The "0P_FVAEX" message is a warning message. This problem affects 3 Web templates: "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0006", "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0002" and "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0104". Three new Web templates have been created to suppress this warning message. The new Web templates are included in the attached "TEMPLATES_NEW.ZIP" file.

Here are the steps to replace the Web Templates with new Web Templates attached.

Step 1: Start Transaction "SE38"

Step 2: Execute Program "RS_TEMPLATE_MAINTAIN"

Technical Name of a Template = "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0006"

Version = "A"

Step 3: Click "Change", replace the content of the template with the content from the attached "TEMPLATES_NEW.ZIP" file.

Repeat Step 1 to 3 for Web Template "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0002" and "0TPLB_RPM_C03_Q0104".



The fiscal year variant can be derived indirectly from the controlling area, company code or investment program structure without having to be explicitly specified by the user. The 0P_FVAEX SAP Exit variable for the fiscal year variant characteristic is provided for this.

However, because the controlling area must be unique in this case, it makes no sense to define the values as an interval. In this case, the fiscal year variants cannot be found.

Even if the controlling area is unique, but is transferred as an interval, the fiscal year variant may still not be determined due to a program error.

Other terms

RSVAREXIT_0P_FVAEX, fiscal year variant

Reason and Prerequisites

This problem is caused by a program error.


Implement the attached source code corrections.

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can u give the complete variable definition.(its settings)