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Error with URL prefix in tool "Diagnostics and Support Desktop tool"

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We just installed BI 7. I am now configuring the connection between BI 7 and it's portal. I am reviewing the last errors using "Diagnostics and Support Desktop tool".


This tool is giving me the error "URLs Prefixes Customized on Both J2EE and ABAP Side" with the following details: "The URL for ABAP customizing table RSPOR_T_PORTAL: http://<hostname>.<mycompany>.priv:55800 is not compatible with the URL for URL with which you call the WebAS Java: http://<hostname>:55800".

When I go in this report under tab "J2EE system info", I can see that "URL prefix" is "http://<hostname>:55800".

Does someone know where I can change this J2EE URL prefix ?

Best regards,

Hugo Chartrand

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OK, I solved it by going into the Visual Administrator under "/Cluster/Server/Service/JCO RFC provider".

I changed the server host name associate with the program id used to communicate with ABAP.