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Error while transporting transformations and datasource Urgent need Help

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Hi all,

I have been working on this problem for a few days now. I created an ODS object, transformations, DTP and I am using a R/3 datasource for extraction. The ODS populates fine in the Dev box, the tranformations and the datasource are fine only in the Dev box. I tried to tranport the objects to the QA box from the Dev Box. Only the ODS transports properly. The transformations are not transported at all. Here is the error I get:

Start of the after-import method RS_TRFN_AFTER_IMPORT for object type(s) TRFN (Activation Mode)

No rule exists

Rule 1 of transformation () is not valid and is being deleted

Rule 2 of transformation () is not valid and is being deleted





Error occurred during post-handling RS_After_import for TRFN L

Ended with return code : ==> 8 <===

Please do let me know what could be the problem. Please do respond ASAP......

if you experienced this issue please let me know how you solved it or a possible work around. any help will be greatly appreciated....

So far we have been using only 3.5 objects. This is the first 7.0 (end to End) transport.

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Did u bundle up everything in one request or did you spilt into different requests taking dependencies into consideration?

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Hi voodi

Thank you for replying. I have tried both . I have budled the request and I have broken it down. When I break down the request into several requests I had placed the requests in the order that I created the DSO. First DSO then....Transformations + datasource then infopackage and then DTP. The problem is that when the datasource goes from the Dev machine to the QA machine it does not translate to the QA datasource. its still showing the Dev datasource example : D02client100 in the QA box. This never happens when we transport 3.x datasources. What could be the problem?

any feedback is appreciated.....

thank you

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We are in Service Pack 11

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Follow the below described order for transports in 7.0 - it always worked for me like charm.

Transport Seq. #

1 DataSources, InfoObjects, Application Components, InfoObject catalogs

2 InfoCubes and ODSs

3 Transformations

4 DTP’s & InfoPackages

5 MultiProviders

6 Queries & Workbooks

7 Process chains

Try to retransport in this sequence and lets see how it goes from there .. I believe there are some dependencies missing, so the transports are bombing ...

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Hi voodi,

I just followed the exact sequence that you mentioned. I transported the

DataSource first....then ODS(write optimized)....then transformations....then Dtp & infopackage.

data source ... no errors

2) ODS ..... no errors

3) Transformations .... Error....same as mentioned in my earlier post....

4) DTP and Infopackage ....Error similar to whats mentioned ...and it says that transformation does not exist.

Could it be an issue with Source System Translation ..... I dont know much about it .....could you please tell me what it could be and how to resolve it. I am thinking in these lines because the source system in QA3 exists in the Data Souces Folder and it has translated properly to QA3Client300. But under the Infoproviders folder (in Q03)...under my DSO the data source still shows Dev3Client 200(client not changed). If this is the issue do you think I need to talk to Basis support for asking them to modify the transport(internally)......can it be done....

please do give me your feedback....thank you.