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Error while saving SC

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We are trying to save an SC using CM Service but we are having this error.

Unable to save development configuration: "Unable to register / update name server "http://<host>:<port>/sld/cimom" with user "NWDI_CMSADM" on repository "http://<host>:<port>/dtr" using user "NWDI_CMSADM" [DICONF_REGISTERNAMESERVER]: CONFLICT [(pre||post)-condition failed: x:invalid-name-reservation-data]

we have already check note 1056333 but it doesn't seem to work.

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Hello Melanie

Are CBS, DTR, CMS, SLD, Name Server not running on the same physical server?
If that is the case, as per SAP Note 1056333 point 2, the Name Server
URL,  "http://host:port/sld/cimom" needs to be accessible from remote
DTR server.

If DTR can not access this name server URL and therefore the error is thrown.

To fix this, please update the CimomURL in SLD to a URL that can be accessed by
the server hosting DTR,

Also see note #1583839 - Saving a track fails with x:invalid-name-reservation-data