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Error while logging into Visual Admin

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Dear All,

When I am trying to connect to the Visual Admin in the server, I get the errors and the connection gets terminated and hence I am unable to check with the services there in the server.

Anybody has any manual or guide to how to resolve the errors in the Visual Admin or how this problem can be resolved?

Also please guide me that is it possible to re-install only visual admin part in the server and if so then what all precautions has to be taken before doing this.

Waiting for your replies.

Warm Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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An extract taken

//****<i>If you are facing any logon issues, just follow below steps:

For openting Visual Admin, just follow below steps:

1. Go to <Driver>:\usr\sap\<SID>\<Instance num>\j2ee\admin --> click on go.bat

ex: C:\usr\sap\X67\JC01\j2ee\admin --> go.bat

2. you will get logon dialog box; Click on "New" button.

3. Enter "Display Name" and Choose "Direct Connection to Dispatcher Node" then sya "Next".

4. Give UserName, Host and Port number.

5. Save

6. Click on "Connect" button then enter Password of User.


How to find the Port number.

You can find you engin Port number in folder structure.

<driver>:\usr\sap\<Instance ID>\ JC<Instance Num>\

Please find below information

ex: C:\usr\sap\X67\JC01\j2ee\cluster

As per above example C:\usr\sap\X67\JC01 -->( <driver>:\usr\sap\<Instance ID>\ JC<Instance Num>\ )

Instance number is : 01

Port number = 50000 + 100 * Instance number + Port Index

Port Num = 50000 + 100 * 01 + 04 = 50104

Plz check URL.</i>;

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You can check for the services in telnet.

To access the telnet execute <b>telnet <IP> 5<CI>08</b>

Then type:

<b>jump 0

add deploy


You can check for the services here.

To start the applications execute:


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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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press round blue icon with "i" at the bottom of VA and write us error text.

and what parameters of connecting you have?

is port correct? it have to be like 5xx04

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i presume ur loggin in correctly with the go.bat file, under java/j2ee.......and all..

also, is there a connection established betwen ur Xi and visual admin or the connection is not getting established at alll..?