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Error while installing AS JAVA with MAXDB

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Hi All,

     We are trying to install SAP NW 7.31 with maxdb as the DB using SWPM.

During Database instance installation we are getting an error

ERROR  2013-05-31 05:39:07.865 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:995]

FCO-00011  The step CheckExistingServerSoftware with step key |NW_Java_DB|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_CreateDBandLoad|ind|ind|ind|ind|createdbandload|0|NW_CreateDB|ind|ind|ind|ind|createdb|0|NW_ADA_DB|ind|ind|ind|ind|nw_ada_db|0|Sdb_ServerSoftware_Dialogs|ind|ind|ind|ind|serversoftware_dialogs|0|CheckExistingServerSoftware was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step: Error during execution of command identifier 'PACKAGE_VERSION' : MaxDB Package Database Kernel not found in path: /sapdb/PNS/db).

ERROR  2013-05-31 05:39:06.781 [iaxxinscbk.cpp:277]

Error during execution of command identifier 'PACKAGE_VERSION' : MaxDB Package Database Kernel not found in path: /sapdb/PNS/db

Kindly help us to fix this issue... we are not sure what could be the reason for this error and how to fix it

Can someone help on this issue please?

Attached sapinst_dev.log for your reference. Kindly let me know if you require any other logs from my side

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi ,

Please check the DB kernel at given location .


it should be like

bin  demo  doc  env  etc  install  lib  misc  pgm  sap

best Regards,


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Source :

A work around is to point the SAPinst tool to the directory containing the 7.6.5 install/upgrade software.  You will need to create a LABEL.ASC file in this directory to get SAPinst to use this directory for the installation.

We created the following entry in the LABEL.ASC:

MAXDB:760xx:RDBMS:MAX DB:WINDOWS_X86_64:AMD64:CD510xxxxx

You will need to adjust this for your linux system.  The best way to determine the label you will need is to run SAPinst on the 7.6.5 directory without the LABEL.ASC.  The check will fail (as it can't find the LABEL.ASC file) but it will tell you what it is looking for.  You can use this information to build the LABEL.ASC file.

We used this method when we created a number of systems so we would not have to perform the installation and then patch the database. 

Best Regards