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Error while executing ECC_SALESORDERCRTRC web service

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I am getting error while executing the we service ECC_SALESORDERCRTRC using webservice navigator

XML Serialization Error. Object content does not correspond to Schema restrictions of type [][BusinessDocumentMessageID.Content].

can any one tell me why am i getting this error ?

thanks in advance

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Hi Ajantha,

The Message Header node is optional. You can skip the complete Message Header node.

Otherwise you need to generate a unique ID for the message and map this ID to BusinessDocumentMessageID.

Try removing Message Header from your input XML. This should solve the error.



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when i skipth header it gives me this error

Invalid Response Code: (403) Forbidden. The requested URL was:"http://host:port/sap/bc/srt/xip/sap/ecc_salesordercrtrc/300/zsoapoc_test/zsoapoc_test"

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this problem can be fixed by basis people and our basis person has done that ... now i am able to create So using the service

i am closing this post .... thanks for ur replies......

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I have the same problem.

What your basis guy had done to solve your problem ?