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Error while declaring the calculated column as "Measure" in Analytic View

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Hello Gurus,

I was creating an analytic view which had a measure named "SALES_AMT", I created an input parameter named "IM_DISCOUNT" and then created a calculated column named "DISCOUNTED_SALES_AMT". But when i choose this calculated column as "Measure". I get the error during activation, "Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Model inconsistency. Measure DISCOUNTED_SALES_AMT as base for input parameter IM_DISCOUNT is not allowed". If I declare this column as an attribute, it gets activated. Can you guys please check and let me know what is the issue here.

Thanks for your help!!

Warm Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raveesh,

What is data Type of Input Parameter - "IM_DISCOUNT" ?

Please declare it Integer / Decimal and try it.



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