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Error while assigning group

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Hi friends,

1. Iam getting the following error when assigning the group to a user.

<b>An error occurred while adding group assignments; to see the correct status, perform a new assigned groups search</b>

2. When uploading the template also its throwing the java.null exception..

template contains , user name, password, roles , mail_id, group..

after uploading the template all the above information is created except group

when i search for the user which is created based on uploading template ,

the group is not assigned.

I need to send users list asap with groups assigned. but its giving problem...

can anyone suggest me on this..

Thanks & regards


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Answers (1)

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Hello Sireesha,

Have u followed standard format while uploading the text file....

If not use this format while preparing the groups and users etc.....



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Hi pradeep,

I have followed the standard format itself..

do u have any other idea where it went wrong..



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Are you assigning the Group to User or Users to Group?

Do follow the semicolon after ending the list

The best way to do is:

1.Create Users( Upload User template)

2.Create Groups -Manually

3. Upload the template Assigining the respective users to group.

It should work.