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Error when working with correction file during migration

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Hi collogues

I am new in SAP, and my team is working on a project implementing ERP. I do some asset data migration using <Migrate Data Using Staging Tables> and at a point I have had an error with the uploaded file. The system suggested me to download a correction file and work with it, but when I try to upload the correction file I successfully go to all steps but when on the final step <Migrate> I receive an error: 

ANLB not updated : INTERN-00001 0 MM01

Migration Project: Asset Master Data migration test 
Migration Object: Fixed asset (incl. balances and transactions)
Occurred During:
Migrate Data: Completed with Errors
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Short Text

ANLB not updated : INTERN-00001 0 MM01


Table ANLB has not been updated after the changes were made.

System Response

This asset will be missed out, processing will continue with the next asset.


The error must be analysed (data base error?).

Technical Information
Error Message
Message Class:
Message Number:

Please help, what should I do in this situation to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance   

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Dear all, I have found the solution myself. I will leave it here in case someone will need it. The problem was that in the asset class, depreciation area was deactivated. Even though the asset type was <LAND> and it should not have any depreciation, the right way is to activate depreciation area and then change DepKy to <No Depreciation and No Interest>. 

SPRO/Financial Accounting/Asset Accounting/General valuation/Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class

Execute and check if your asset class deactivated. If so activate it by unchecking the box, then turn DepKy to <No Depreciation and No Interest> and save.