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Error when using Cordova plugin "cordova-plugin-ios-location-permissions" in SAP Web IDE Full Stack

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When trying to build an iOS app with SAP Web IDE Fullstack + Cordova plugin cordova-plugin-ios-location-permissions, I got the following error message:

There were errors (see browser console for details) when setting the selected plugins

and from the browser's console:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: application/json {"error":{"code":"0","message":""}} --B_D956EFC5E4F94C168A765417CAF3710E--

How to resolve this?

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Answers (2)

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hi Ludo

1. I am not using trial account. I am using Web IDE Full Stack linked to my company's account.

2. I didn't add any other geolocation plugins. All plugins related to geolocations are the default from SAP Web IDE. Even without the additional plugins, the location service for iOS11 still not working.

3. I haven't try it that yet.

Here is the list of selected plugins I have added on top of Default plugins that include the 'cordova-plugin-geolocation'

I submitted the ticket to SAP and the response is the SAP development team will contact me on the status. I hope there is a concrete solution without any additional steps !!



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Ferry,

I have tried this using a production account and cannot reproduce this.

Questions for you:

1. Are you using a trial account ? If yes, there are currently some issues with our cloud build on trial.

2. Did you add other (geolocation related) plugins as well ? There might be conflicts between those.

3. Have you tried building the cordova app on your local machine. (install Apache Cordova, create a HelloWorld app and add the plugins you need).