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Error when setting up Integration suite Booster

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Hello experts,

I am following a boot camp on BTP Integration suites

what I have done so far is:

1. created integration Instance on my trial account.

2. assigned those roles to user, which is my BTP account mail

3. created those two capabilities.

4. then i was trying to provide access to myself on those capabilities

then I see this error

the detailed error message is:

<Assigning Role Collection error message>

Could not assign users to Role Collections as some of the capabilities are not activated. The Role Collections below could not be assigned to the users:

  • PI_Business_Expert : (my email account)
  • PI_Administrator : (my email account)
  • PI_Integration_Developer : (my email account)
  • APIPortal.Administrator : (my email account)
  • APIManagement.SelfService.Administrator : (my email account)
  • AuthGroup.SelfService.Admin : (my email account)

Solution:Please wait for the capability to be activated and then execute the booster.

<Creating Service instances error message>

Could not create service instance/key as the capability is still not activated.

Creating a service instance for the entitlements below failed:

  • Process Integration Runtime, Plan : api

Creating service key(s) for the service instances(s) below failed:

  • it-rt, Plan : api

Solution:Please wait for the capability to be activated and then execute the booster.

it is saying the solution is waiting till the capabilities to be activated, but it seems they have been activated already, as you see below.

is there any way to fix this error?

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You need to create a Process Integration Runtime instance before to execute te Booster.

1. Go to your subaccount in BTP Cockpit.

2. Service Marketplace

3. Choose "Process Integration Runtime" configure and create.

4. Go to BTP Cockpit - Boosters and then click on "Enable Integration Suite"

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The tutorial is informative and well-constructed. Unfortunately, it was initially not applicable to me as I did not have the "provisioner" roles assigned to my user in SAP BTP. Once I had the necessary roles assigned, I proceeded to activate the Booster. Finally, I created the Instance for api in the Process Integration Runtime.