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Error when setting the JARM level up to 10

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I would like to improve the performance of our Web Dynpro Application.

I set the JARM-Level up to 10 in order to look in the Web Dynpro Console and search for slow functions etc.

But if I want to deloy my application, I always get the error:

"This compilation unit indirectly references the missing type (typically some required class file is referencing a type outside the classpath)"

This error appears in the file "" (which is generated by the Web Dynpro Code Generator)

I tried to add the import " ", but this import doesn't exist.

Does anybody know, how I can fix the problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bettina,

If you are developing your aplication as DC then

1) expand ur DC

2) select Used DCs(right click on it)

3) Add Used DC

4) In the new window Expand Local Development

5) Expand SAP_JTECHS

6) Select and click on finish

If it is a project then

1) Right click on your proejct and select properties

2) Select Java Build Path

3) Add External Jars, now select the required jar files which needs added.



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Just in case anyone, like i, has the same symptoms

and, like me, is wondering which JAR this class might be found in:

i found it in jARM.jar

which, for example, can be found in