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error when delta load data from ecc

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hi experts,

     it is work fine with execute initial and full info package after active data source(sales billing or sales order) in ecc. Then I create sales order with tcode va01.And execute tcode lbwe collect data to delta queue.Finally I can see the delta data in tcode RSA7.

     And execute tcode RSA3 simulate extract delta data.But occur error(error_passed_to_mess_handler).

     The most weird is after another tens minutes,the delta load turn to work fine.So I create sales order again in ecc system and the delta data can see in RSA7. I delta load the data immediately, it occur error again(error_passed_to_mess_handler).After waiting another tens minutes,delta load work fine again.

  it is pleasure for your answer!

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This problem still bore me ,Anyone knows?

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Hi Lim,

RSA7 is Delta Load

RSA3 is Set Up Table Load.

So when you have configured the Datasource to Load for the Delta Loads then Data would flow to RSA7.