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Error when connecting to gmail using Open connectors

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Hi Experts ,

I'm trying to establish connection with gmail using Open conenctors (Gmail) in CPI .

I have created the OAuth API key & OAuth API Secret key from the Google Developer console .

Have created the gmail instance in Open connector and did all the required setup .

Also configured the receiver connector (Open connector ) . Screen shot attached .

I'm using a JSON format to send the data . However when sending data I get the below error .

" HTTP operation failed : status code : 405"

Can someone help me with the same please . Connector config , Error screen shot and input JSON screen shot is attached herewith .





Thanks ,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Sriprasad ,

Thanks for the response . I tried directly positing it in Open connector console and I get the error .

Undocumented TypeError: Failed to fetch

coul you please help .oc-console.png



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Hello Nitheesh,

Quick question.Have you tried directly posting the same json in Open Connectors Console?


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

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Hi sriprasadshivaramabhat ,

Now I get 200 OK for the same JSON . There was a formatting issue with the structure .

I have corrected it . When directly posting ,email is getting trigerred but when I try using open conenctors , it is failing

Any clue how this can be fixed ?

Thanks ,