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Error to get schema name of Hana MDC in Cloud

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I am trying to create play around with HANA XS by following the blog by at and facing a road block at the step to get the schema name with below SQL commands


What i have done earlier :

Created a HCP account and created MDC with name dev as below.

Assigned the roles as in here for SYSTEM user. Link for Roles : SAP HANA Cloud Platform


HANA MDC (<trial>)

0 available





Executing the above SQL statement is throwing the below error that schema is not available. Did the process of getting schema name change in MDC? .

Could not execute 'SELECT SCHEMA_NAME FROM "HCP"."HCP_DEV_METADATA"' Error: (dberror) 362 - invalid schema name: HCP: line 1 col 24 (at pos 24)

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Yes, the process has changed. You may create arbitrary number of schemas using arbitrary names as you are the exclusive owner of the whole database.

The HCP schema is also not present anymore as it was only needed to track users and artifacts on a shared database.

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Can you please guide me how to achieve it?

Is there any example to understand the latest changes and process to follow the document.

How much is the referred document in the question valid to the new changes ?

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in a nutshell: with a HANA MDC instance all the workarounds which we needed to add for HCP before, are gone now!

So there is no pre-created schema for you anymore. You just create users and schemas yourself with names you define. (CREATE USER/SCHEMA SQL statements).

Also, for XS development the stored procedures for activating your applications are not there anymore. You just use the activation button. You can now pretty much follow all of the standard HANA tutorials without special alterations for HCP.

Some restrictions still apply regarding management of the whole MDC system, but within the tenant database created for you (your HANA MDC Trial instance) you can do pretty much anything...

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