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Error: Server output without connection to user

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Hi Experts,

I am having an issue when calling the FM BAPI_CUSTOMER_DELETE using the JCO function calls.

It is throwing the error, Server output without connection to use, it seems before BAPI sending the output it requires confirmation/user interfer to process the output. When I execute the FM in R/3, before deleting the customer it is requesting the confimation through a Pop Up window.

I think, this is the same case happend in my case.

Can any one advise me how to get rid of this confirmation from the JCO call itself.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chinna,

I'd say the BAPI you're using is not meant to be called in background. E.g. if you check the description of the function module you see already a suspicious last word: Delete Customer Master Online. When you look at the actual coding, you see that it just checks for existence of the customer, then fills the parameter id KUN with the customer number and calls transaction XD06.

There's no further magic to set any of the deletion flags, not to mention organizational areas like company code or sales area (at least when called from this BAPI).

If you look more closely at your short dump in SAP caused by your RFC call, you should see that it mentions screen SAPMF02D/0500. This is the entry screen of transaction XD06, so I doubt that you're even getting to any confirmation popup.

I suspect that no proper RFC module exists for flagging customers for deletion in background (searched for some time, but all modules that I found do a call transaction on XD06). I suspect if you want this feature, you might have to do a recording and then use that to delete customers via XD06 remotely and information from your recording using RFC module ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION.

Cheers, harald

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