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Error: RSAU466 - unable to active update rules

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Need help to activate update rules:


IC=ZQM_C004 IS=8ZQM_O001 syntax error: The data object "G_S_IS" does not have a component rows 1,807

Message no. RSAU466


When generating the update program for data target ZQM_C004, InfoSource 8ZQM_O001, a syntax error occured in row 1,807.

System response

The update rules cannot be activated.


If the error message The data object "G_S_IS" does not have a component is cut off, do the following to get the complete error message:

Go into the update rule maintenance, choose Extras -> Display Activated Program and carry out a syntax check there. You can then find out what the error was.

-, i did check in "Display Activated program" and the message came up as "unable to find a tool to process a request"


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Answers (2)

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Hi Deva,

I think from ODS , some info objects have been removed and based on that you are trying to transport update rules.

The sequence of transport should be

1. Transport ODS

2. Transport Cube

3. Transport Update rules .

Hope that helps.


Mr Kapadia

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I included the new Key Figures in ODS and let the update routine run.

Working fine

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hi Deva,

it seems program error, what's your bw version and support package level

Note 953323 - Activating/transporting update rule terminates w/msg RSAU466

BW 3.0B

Import Support Package 32 for 3.0B

Import Support Package 26 for 3.10

Import Support Package 18 for 3.5

Import Support Package 09 for 7.0

mostly oss notes found for this error suggest apply support package

Note 965861 - Syntax error RSAU466: No component ... "". "" (2) --> higher support package is required,

consult with your basis

hope this helps.