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Error RH613 while loading Hierarchies using flat file

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I try to load a hierarchy by using flat file (attached) and I got error below when I load from PSA to hierarchy.

RH613 - Maximum level number &00 reached while filling the level - RH 613


The level fields were not filled and therefore the level was added when the hierarchy was updated. The algorithm has exceeded the maximum number of levels.

System Response

Hierarchy processing is terminated.


Usually the hierarchy contains less than level(s). In other words, an infinite loop is created when the level is assigned due to an inconsistency in the hierarchy. Check the hierarchy and remove any inconsistent nodes. If you cannot find any inconsistencies, load the subtrees of the hierarchy to check whether they are consistent. This allows you to analyze the inconsistencies more closely.

The .csv document has been created extracting an existing hierarchy by using an Open Hub with the new Subobject Type “InfoObject Hierarchies” (BW 7.4).

Thanks a lot!

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Sorry, I tried to insert the file type is invalid...