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Error RH207 when loading from DataSource 0MAT_SALES_LPRH_HIER

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Hi All,

We are experiencing problems whilst attempting to load mat-sales

hierarchy "MATNR" from R/3 source system.

The related Datasource is "0MAT_SALES_LPRH_HIER"

The system states that there is an error in the hierarchy structure.

Specificaly, the error message is RH207. The system diagnosis is that a

particular node ID is not specified as either child, next, parent or root

in any node in the hierarchy.

An example of the error text is as follows:

"Node ID 01000041 has not been included in the hierarchy"

We have attempted to recreate the issue on dev, QA & Pre-Prod enviroments

but have so far been unable to replicate the error - the hierarchy always

loads successfuly.

The nearest match in terms of OSS notes is note# 872488. However, this

applies to error RH207 whilst loading <b>flat-file</b> hierarchies. Our extract

is directly from R/3.

Parties maintaining the hierarchy on R/3 have checked the format and

confirm that there are no anomolies with the hierarchy structure.

So I am now stumped... has anyone experienced this before and if so, can you offer any assistance in terms of resolving this issue?

Many thanks,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shailesh ,

Try to load the Heirarchy into PSA initially and then u can find out whether error is a genuine one with the Data . U can also check in RSA3 . Give a particular Heirarchy name and execute . Check the data ..

it is mandatory that it should have parent id , childid and next id.

You can also check the Extractor program for your data soource..



*Assigning points is a way of sayin Thanks in SDN

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Hi Krish,

Thanks for your suggestions:

> <i>Try to load the Heirarchy into PSA initially and then u can find out whether error is a genuine one with the Data .</i>

- can't load hierarchies to PSA. Processing tab options are ALE Inbox and InfoObject.

> <i>U can also check in RSA3 . Give a particular Heirarchy name and execute . Check the data ..</i>

- tried a full extract in thee extractor checker and it runs fine and the data looks good.

It may be of value if I mention that as of 14.12.2006, the full extract began fetching over 1m records. I believe the error cause may lie here as on all other enviroments we tested on, the extract has always delivered less that 1m records, (and been successful).

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Hi Shailesh,

Thats a great finding..



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just stumbled across this problem when looking for something else, but as I've spent a fair bit of time looking at the hierarchy structure, I think I can answer the question.

In our R3 system (SAP 4.5B!), the hierarchy extract function module (VBIH_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_LPRH) defines the node id fields as NUMC with length 8.

However, it uses another function module (RS_TREE_CONSTRUCT) to build the hierarchy tree structure (i.e. assign the nodes).

This defines the node id fiels via the structure SNODE, and this defines the node id fields (ID, CHILD, NEXT, PARENT) as NUMC with length 6.

This is why your 1-millionth (next) node wraps round from 999999 to 000000, which then fails the hierarchy validation in BW.



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Hello Doug,

I can follow what you explained but is there a solution?

We are facing the same issue...

Best regards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Indeed the bug lies in the fact that, whenever you have more than 1m records, the ID which is declared N(6) will contain '000000'. In form tr_add_node you will try to read table TREE with insert_id = '000000' but for Numeric fields you can not test/read with '000000'. Although you actually SEE an entry in table TREE the READ statement does not find it. Hence the program flags 'not_found = 'X' and exits. This will RAIS the 'tree_failure' in the calling function RS_TREE_CONSTRUCT.

Solution: log a call at SAP!

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Hello again.

On closer inspection of the idoc in BW, It has been found that each Data Record has, (amongst others) a field called NODEID & another called NEXTID.

The values between the two 8-digit fields are closely linked... in that the value in NEXTID is always 1 greater than the value in NODEID. e.g. NODEID=00999998; NEXTID=00999999.

We are seeing that where NODEID=00999999, the corresponding NEXTID value is 00000000. This is incorrect as it should be 01000000!

We have checked the idoc on R/3 side and the same behaviour is occuring.

So, as the hierarchy has increased, some system setting, (or bug!) is resetting the NEXTID value rather than letting it increment to 1million. Given that the field value is 8-digits, a figure of 1million should be more than valid!

Does anyone have any ideas about number-ranges in hierarchies?

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see the sap note 625063. I had the same problem.

=> you have to change the data element in ERP. The standard SAP supported only 1mio. data in a hierarchy.

=> I don't understand why SAP didn't changed that.