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Error: "Make sure /sap/bc/adt/discovery is reachable and returns a valid XML

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We are trying to deploy our gateway system into WEB IDE Personal Edition(Not Cloud),

We have created the required file with system details under Destinations folder in installed SAPWebIDE.

While trying to connect to the back-end system we get the following error,

  • Error: "Make sure /sap/bc/adt/discovery is reachable and returns a valid XML. If a login page is presented, change the configuration of your system to Basic Authentication as Form Authentication is not supported


I checked the services in the system and activated ADT, But I am not able to find the service /sap/bc/adt/discovery


I have found a OSS note 2494880 on the error, it says,

  1. Make sure the service /sap/bc/adt/discovery is enabled in your backend system, via transaction SICF. If it shows a yellow status, reactivate it

But I am not able to find the services itself, I need to know how to add the service in SICF, also let me know if I miss any steps.


Thank you,


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Hi Keidar,

Thank you for the reply, I have tagged the question to related teams,

I gone through one of the older form you have replied as below,

Are you able to download the discovery xml when approaching it directly in the browser without Web IDE? Just try to access <host>:<port>/sap/bc/adt/discovery

We are able to download the XML by approaching directly in the browser, but not able to find the service in SICF.

But we get the error message Error: "Make sure /sap/bc/adt/discovery is reachable and returns a valid XML

when we connect through WEB IDE(Personal Edition), can you help us with your ideas. Can I configure the downloaded Discovery XML ?



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Hi Arun,

Were you able to resolve the error?

I am not able to download the XML, I get the following error:

ICF Node /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/bc/adt/discoveryUI2 NOT found!

Also, I can't see any child nodes in SICF -> adt/....

Awaiting response.


Hi Siddiqui,

Make sure the service is active in SICF, if you are setting up WEB IDE Personal edition then check your config_master is configured as below