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Error pops up saying "Could not open app. Please try again later." fiori ?

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Hi Experts,

On clicking the tile PP i am getting this error pop up on the screen and on inspection the console displays the error in the second image.

Error displayed on the console screen :

Failed to load UI5 component with properties '{"name":"ZH_PP_CPIR","self":{"name":"ZH_PP_CPIR"},"messages":[{"severity":"error","text":"The application ZH_PP_CPIR has errors and will possibly not run properly."}],"componentData":{"startupParameters":{}},"asyncHints":{"libs":["","","","sap.ui.unified"],"waitFor":[]},"url":"/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ZH_PP_CPIR_BSP1/~9ED259043B57DCB85A0CE257E54822D4~C","async":true,"id":"application-ZSEM_CPIR-display-component"}'. - TypeError: i.getKey is not a function.

Urgent help needed.

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