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Error of Posting Period while making AP invoice

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Dear Expert

When we unlock the posting period & do immediate AP Invoice in SAP it's showing the posting period is locked.

After 50 sec the same entry gets added without an error.

What could be the reason?


Shubham Bulley

Shubham Bulley

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Depending on the document, if it is a document that has a journal entry and the general ledger has already closed the month, the user will have to change the date of the document before changing the outline to the current month, but if it has not yet closed the month or if it is a document that does not generate an LCM (for example, purchase order, Sales Order, Purchase Request), just open the month and ask the user to add it.

Of course, you can make some improvements to the system. I made an alert here where it warns the user that there is a document to authorize, and there is an authorized document that must be released.



SAP 9.3 PL14 - SQL SERVER 2014