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Error message not preventing users to submit the change request in MDG

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Hi Experts,

I've a new requirement to add a new field in GENERAL DATA of the change request header. And I've to make this field as mandatory based on some conditions.

Now the condition is working fine, and the error message also showing. But user can continue to submit the change request even though the error message is there. It is not stopping the user.

I've added the code for the validation in GET DATA method of the class - CL_USMD_CR_GUIBB_GENERAL_DATA (Feeder class)

Also I tried to make that as mandatory using fpmgb_s_actionusage, which is also not working as expected. in the UI it is mandatory, but it is also not preventing the user to submit the request.


Please correct me if I'm wrong or if any other methods to be followed. 


Kind Regards,


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Akhil, could you post your question directly in MDG. That would be great. The application might run in SAP Business Client, but for the methods and classes you have to ask the application team.

Kind Regards,