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error message not displaying .....

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hi everyone,

I have modified the logon page and its working fine but when i login at the same page with some wrong password or user Id , the message "User Authentication failed" is not been displayed.

I have not touched the jsp code for displaying the error message, and not able to track where possibly the error might be, can some one please help me.....

thank you,


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Have you made any changes in umlogonpage.jsp..

in the part where user id and password is entered??

Is the change that you might have done...have you put your own custom inputfields or the same code as provided...keep the code for the input fields for both passwords and user id same...and check...


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no I hve not made any changes in that part of code.

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I think there is some problem with the functionality of the code

<!-- display error message if there is one -->

<% if ( error.getMessage() != null ) { %>


<td colspan="2" height="33">

<div class="urMsgBarErr" style="margin-bottom:3;">

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">



<td colspan="3" bgcolor="E9E9E9" class="urTxtStd"><span class="urMsgBarImgError"><img height="12" width="12" src="<%=webpath%>css/common/1x1.gif"></span></td> <td>

<span class="urTxtStd" tabindex="0"><%=EncodeHtmlTag.encode(logonMessage.print(error.getMessage()))%></span>








<% } else { %>

<!-- no error message, display placeholder -->


<td colspan="2" height="24"></td>


<% } %>

as even if I give wrong password the code enters in the else part of and the

<!-- no error message, display placeholder --> part is displayed.

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Hello sanjyoti,

I have exactly the same problem.

I don't think it is related to the functionality of the code as you suggest in your last post, if you look at the html generated in your browser you can see that the 'if' statement is correctly executed because the error message IS null. if you insert in the .jsp the following instruction:

<%= error.toString() %>

you will see that


is not null, so an instance of the object was correctly created. Then I decompiled the class

and I noticed that there are several constructors, one with a string (error message) as parameter, and another empty constructor. As the object is not null and


is null, I guess the wrong constructor is called. But why?...

Another remark, I included my new logon iview in a copy of the light framework page to display it on the left of the page inside the portal (cf SDN logon), my authscheme is 'anonymous'.

Did you also recreate your own .par and try to use both in different pages?

I will go on investigating this issue and keep you informed if I find sth. If you found sth in the meanwhile, just let me know...

Best Regards,


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Hi Sanjyoti..

Have you completely removed the original code of umlogonpage.jsp or have you made changes in part..?

because there is a portion of code for

/* dispaying error message if there is one */

that should remain intact

and also that there would be no changes in the umLogonProblemPage.jsp....

Check again these pages...

I hope it works


[Points are always welcome for helpful answers..]

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yes I have not touched the page umLogonProblemPage.jsp

also i have not made any changes in the code <!-- display error message if there is one -->

but still i get the error...

I have put a background image at the part of page where User name and Password is displayed can the problem be anyways related to it ???