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Error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when using getFromUserInstance

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Hi everyone,

We have several Dashboards with data connections to Web Services, which have been published via Web Intelligences, and based on BEx Queries from BW.

Some of these web services are quite slow so we want to instance them so users don't have to wait 60 seconds or more just to open the dashboard.

The problem is that each User has different authorizations in BW for data and each user will see dashboards with different sets of data.

For this purpose we're using the "getFromUserInstance" parameter in the webservices data connection. We've created a publication and sent the reports to each user's inbox, where they are appearing correctly and with correctly filtered data.

The problem is that when we open the Dashboards we get one "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" error message per data connection present in the dashboard.

Funny thing is that if I have a dashboard with only one data connection to a webi report and that report is the first one (sorted ascending by date) in the user inbox, the dashboard works fine. All other data connections and dashboards fail with this java error message.

Has anyone had previous experience using the "getFromUserInstance" parameter, and has anyone experienced these issues?

Note: We already have an open message in SAP Support for almost 20 days, but they've been unable to identify the problem.


Jose Luis Leitao


SAP BO 4.0 SP02 Patch Level 21

Dashboard Designer 4.0 Patch 21

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Check the fiddler lof at time of error.It will show you the cuid of the query which is failing.

Identify the biws query and check whether prompts are passed or not

Let me know if you need any help in going through fiddler log