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Error Installing Preview Ed of EP SP16-Error Msg-SAP:JMIG:640:Migration.*.*

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Downloaded EP SP16 Preview from SDN and attempted to install. Early in the install process, the system was looking for software package: CD/DVD name: Migration Export Java. It was looking for the path / location of this DVD. I have attempted to point this to different paths for all the 3 EP installation files I downloaded but to no avail. I cannot proceeed from this step until pointing to a path that contain this software package.

Further, there isn't a way to bypass this step and proceed.

Error Message received:

"You have to specify a location for the requested package SAP:JMIG:640:MIGRATION..

Specify the location which contains the right LABEL.ASC, or skip the checking!".

Anyone encountered this?

Greatly appreciate any ideas / input.



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Answers (3)

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Finally I could able to crack the problem.

We can solve by including SAÜ:JMIG:640:..*

in a Label.asc file in following location


Then Installation went to the next step.

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Hello everybody,

same problem, other package. I need the location of "SAP:MIGSDM:700:::*".

Do you know which package is meant??



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Just create a new file called label.asc anywhere in your local hard disk and put the following contents inside


and choose this file during the migration stage.

it works for me



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We had a similar problem and fixed it by following the below procedure.

1. Make sure that rdisp/j2ee_start profile parameter is having value 1.

2. During system copy - export phase, deselect option of using a database tool for system copy (By default this is deselected.

3. In the database schema screen, make sure that ABAP and JAVA are selected.

By this method, both ABAP and JAVA exports will be created in the export directory. You can see the generated JAVA label.asc in
..export\JAVA\ folder.

Thank you,


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We have also encountered the same error.

Is it possible to skip this step.

For copying a package you have to specify the source location for the requested package SAP:JMIG:700::😘 Specifiy the location which contains the right LABEL.ASC, or empty the copy input field !!

Any comments are appreciated.



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Dear Desmond,

Did you solve this problem with installing EP

I am having the same problem.

Would appreciate your help.