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Error in when null values are passed to datefield

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Hi all,

We are facing some issue with null values in date fields while calling a stored procedure using JDBC Adapter in one of the interfaces.

When the value is null, XI gives errors in the communication channel.

Case 1 , When the value is mapped to blank. : The adapter gives an error related to date format. Unsparseable date “”.

Case 2 , When the value is not mapped at all : The adapter gives an error related to wrong number of arguments for the stored procedure.

One option for fixing this issue is to hardcode the value to all zeros in a appropriate date format. However this is not acceptable in our case.

Did anybody face this issue before. If yes what was the approach taken. Can you please let me know if anybody has any inputs on this.

Thanks in advance,


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you can clear the field key tags mandatory in the XML Schema interpreter parameter and make the Empty string value to Empty string from null value.

For mapping : you can pass a value that is of the same format of date; but you can take your own value in the database since you are parsing the date format from one to other



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Hi Younus,

If your source data is optional than you can use the IFELSE function.This function will produce a date at your target only if there is a source data else it will produce a blank node. You can also use currentDate to your target data .

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Hi Yonus,

You need to give format date excatly same as expected by database datatype,please check date format.

You can use date transformation functions of graphical mapping and change the date format.

Use if exists function if date is not the mendatory field in your source message.