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Error in the ChaRM handling external transports

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Hello experts,

We are trying to transport an external request by CHARM, but we are finding many errors.

We made the following steps:

1. we add the data and cofile files in the filesystem usr / sap / trans.

2. we add a request (A) in the ECC DEV and made import.

3. created a request (B) in the ECC DEV by CHARM.

4. encapsulate the external request (A) in the request (B) created in CHARM.

5. try to release the request B, but is occurring the error described bellow.

Error that occurre in the ChaRM:

Erro that occurre in the ECC DEV:

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Dear Eliseu,

I am not able to open any of screen shot. Can you please send it again.

Also please let me know what type of changes are there in external Transport. If these are local changes then you won't be able to transport it via ChaRM.

NOTE : Only transportable changes will import it via ChaRM. If these are local changes then you have to move it manually( Via importing data and cofiles).

Also if you have linked local changes into transportable request, it will not allows you to release it.


Gaurav Patel

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Hello Patel,

Thanks for the answer!

I have two cases, in the first case, I received a request created in an environment external and add theses data and cofile in my environment, then I created a request in the Charm and encapsulate the external request with transport copy via SE09. Bust occurre the error:

Only edit objects from package /PWSATI/ZLF in local requests

The second case, I have a change to a Z* package that also came from an external request saved in a requet CHARM occurring the same error.


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I can do the transport, if I change the transport layer of the package ??

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I do not see anything under task attached to transport.

looks like this is blank transport and there is none object locked under this transport. That is may be why you have this error.


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Hi Eliseu

Yes, you need to check with package this package can not be used, Use  Z package instead.