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Error in system copy phase "Run ABAP Reports"

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During a system copy we have encountered an error which isn't well documented.  We found one note (1918073) but that does not apply to our system.  The error we are getting is during the central instance installation in phase "Run ABAP Reports":

syntax error in program "SAPLSTFI" is
due to "Type "TPLOGINFO" is unknown

Does anyone have any ideas about this error?  I can logon to the ABAP stack and can see the error in the program if I do a syntax check in SE38.

Does anyone have any information on what phase "Run ABAP Reports" does?  What would happen if I skipped the phase?

Kind regards,

Keith Webb.

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Hi Keith,

The syntax error in program "SAPLSTFI" is due to "Type "TPLOGINFO" is unknown". This matches with the description in note 1918073.

This note cannot be implemented by Snote, as it asked to import CTSPLUG 2.0 SP9 to solve the issue. Please try this and check whether the dumps happens again.

Thank You.



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Hi Deepika,

We have seen note 1918073.  Unfortunately this is the only reference to the error that we can find.  We are not using CTSPLUG add-on  on any of our systems and do not wish to introduce it into our SAP environment.

Kind regards,

Keith Webb.