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Error in subroutine read_namtb for structure of infotype - Inbound HRMD_A01 Basic type

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Hey All,

To start off, I have reviewed most of the posts on SCN about 'Error in subroutine read_namtb' but none have managed to solve my issue. Most of the posts are related to connecting to a CRM system.

System Arch: On-Prem to ECP

Business Scenario: Integration IT0208 for all employees to ECP

Research: None of the Basic IDOC types for HRMD_A handles IT0208.


In on-prem ECC

1. I created a Z1P0208 segment

2. Created a new IDOC extension, added the segment as a child

3. I set the WE82 Output Type - (Message Type - IDOC type - Extension)

4. I set the WE57 - Function Module (Message Type - IDOC Type - Function Module)

5. I modified the partner profile WE20 to add he extension

6. And I implemented Implement BADI HRALE00OUTBOUND_IDOC in SE19


All the same steps as above (not all - just what is necessary)

What I can see: When I fire off the IDOC, in ECC - I don't see any issues. Green al over the board.

In ECP, I am getting

Error in subroutine read_namtb for structure of infotype

Message No. 5-109


An error has occurred in subroutine read_namtb for structure of infotype .

ProcedureCheck the entry for infotype in table T777D (structure, IDoc segment,                                                  expanded structure) and the corresponding structures.

What do I have to maintain in T777D? Do I have to maintain the extension in the '2nd IDOC Segment' field? I thought that setting is only for PD Infotypes.

Any help is highly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Got it working. It turns out that the T777D entries is not only for PD infotypes. I maintained the custom segment in the table and it worked like a charm !

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