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Error in starting Java--(exitcode = -11113)

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I have a NW2004s ABAP+Java Engine.

I restarted SAP and after restart the j2ee engine is not starting.

The following is the error message

Please help

[Thr 6500] Thu Aug 23 17:05:37 2007

[Thr 6500] JHVM_RegisterNatives: registering methods in

[Thr 6500] JHVM_RegisterNatives: registering methods in

[Thr 6500] JHVM_RegisterNatives: registering methods in

[Thr 5560] Thu Aug 23 17:05:39 2007

[Thr 5560] JLaunchIExitJava: exit hook is called (rc = -11113)

[Thr 5560] **********************************************************************

      • ERROR => The Java VM terminated with a non-zero exit code.

      • Please see SAP Note 943602 , section 'J2EE Engine exit codes'

      • for additional information and trouble shooting.


[Thr 5560] JLaunchCloseProgram: good bye (exitcode = -11113)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Balaji ,

Please post std_server*.out .

Regards ,

Santosh Karadkar

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stdout/stderr redirect


node name : server0

pid : 5004

system name : BSM

system nr. : 02

started at : Thu Aug 23 17:46:15 2007

Reserved 1610612736 (0x60000000) bytes before loading DLLs.

[Thr 4868] MtxInit: -2 0 0

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/pb/layout/taglib/ContainerTag addIviewResources

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/keystore/impl/security/CodeBasedSecurityConnector getApplicationDomain

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/rmi_p4/P4StubSkeletonGenerator generateStub

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/util/StringUtils escapeToJS

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/core/broker/PortalServiceItem startServices

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/server/deploy/WSConfigurationHandler downloadFile

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/prt/jndisupport/util/AbstractHierarchicalContext lookup

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/navigation/cache/CacheNavigationNode getAttributeValue

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/portal/navigation/TopLevelNavigationiView PrintNode

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sapportals/wcm/service/ice/wcm/ICEPropertiesCoder encode

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/lcr/pers/delta/importing/ObjectLoader loadObjects

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/InstanceBuilder readElement

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/InstanceBuilder readSequence

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/TypeMappingImpl initializeRelations

CompilerOracle: exclude com/sap/engine/services/webservices/jaxrpc/encoding/GeneratedComplexType _loadInto

SAP J2EE Engine Version 7.00 PatchLevel is starting...

Loading: LogManager ... 406 ms.

Loading: PoolManager ... 0 ms.

Loading: ApplicationThreadManager ... 63 ms.

Loading: ThreadManager ... 15 ms.

Loading: IpVerificationManager ... 0 ms.

Loading: ClassLoaderManager ... 16 ms.

Loading: ClusterManager ... 156 ms.

Loading: LockingManager ... 47 ms.

Loading: ConfigurationManager ... 1469 ms.

Loading: LicensingManager ... 31 ms.

Loading: CacheManager ... 109 ms.

Loading: ServiceManager ...

4.447: [GC 4.447: [DefNew: 87039K->24521K(130560K), 0.0620615 secs] 87039K->24521K(1005056K), 0.0621420 secs]

Loading services.:

Service DQE started. (0 ms).

Service cafeuodi~mnuacc started. (0 ms).

Service memory started. (31 ms).

Service cross started. (46 ms).

Service file started. (78 ms).

service cafeuesconnkm ================= ERROR =================

Service cafeucc~api started. (16 ms).

service cafeuesconnabap ================= ERROR =================

service cafeuesconngoogle ================= ERROR =================

Service runtimeinfo started. (79 ms).

Service timeout started. (110 ms).

service cafeuesmseservice ================= ERROR =================

Service userstore started. (31 ms).

Service trex.service started. (110 ms).

Service jmx_notification started. (31 ms).

Service p4 started. (156 ms).

Service classpath_resolver started. (0 ms).

6.580: [GC 6.580: [DefNew: 111561K->40496K(130560K), 0.0898589 secs] 111561K->40496K(1005056K), 0.0899393 secs]

7.737: [GC 7.737: [DefNew: 127502K->43479K(130560K), 0.0873805 secs] 127502K->49912K(1005056K), 0.0874612 secs]

8.922: [GC 8.922: [DefNew: 130519K->31844K(130560K), 0.0605859 secs] 136952K->42623K(1005056K), 0.0606667 secs]

Service log_configurator started. (4156 ms).

Service locking started. (0 ms).

Service http started. (156 ms).

Service naming started. (235 ms).

Service failover started. (32 ms).

Service appclient started. (62 ms).

Service javamail started. (94 ms).

Service ts started. (78 ms).

Service jmsconnector started. (94 ms).

Service licensing started. (0 ms).

Service connector started. (172 ms).

Service iiop started. (125 ms).

Service webservices started. (406 ms).

10.383: [GC 10.383: [DefNew: 118884K->7973K(130560K), 0.0338363 secs] 129663K->18753K(1005056K), 0.0339181 secs]

Service deploy started. (5390 ms).

Service configuration started. (31 ms).

Service MigrationService started. (47 ms).

Service bimmrdeployer started. (16 ms).

Service dbpool started. (1172 ms).

Service cafeugpmailcf started. (31 ms).

Service started. (1516 ms).

Aug 23, 2007 5:46:29 PM ...xt.<init>(UserContextSpi, Properties) [SAPEngine_System_Thread[impl:5]_19] Fatal: Can not instantiate UserContext with given properties.

service security ================= ERROR =================

Core service security failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started. Unexpected exception:







Caused by: No active userstore is set.






... 5 more Unexpected exception:







Caused by: No active userstore is set.






... 5 more

[Framework -> criticalShutdown] Core service security failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started.

Aug 23, 2007 5:46:29 PM [SAPEngine_System_Thread[impl:5]_19] Fatal: Critical shutdown was invoked. Reason is: Core service security failed. J2EE Engine cannot be started.

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Have you made any changes to UME lately ?


Prince Jose

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Have you change UME property or service security related parameter ?

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In portal there was a id for ABAP as SAPJSP. I changed that id and password.

After that it told me to restart. I restarted and after that it did not start

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Please reset the change and restart

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I did the change in Portal.

So the portal is not coming up.

How can i change it

Pls help

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Hello Balaji,

-> Check that users J2EE_ADMIN, J2EE_GUEST and SAPJSF are not locked

( SU01 and Visual Administrator).

-> Also Look at the 'defaultTrace' trace files under:

/usr/sap/<your SID>/DVEBMGS<nr>/j2ee/cluster/server0/log

Check permission of all the 3 usrs,

J2EE_ADMIN - should have role SAP_J2EE_ADMIN.

J2EE_GUEST - should have role SAP_J2EE_GUEST




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Please post the said log file again ! as you make changes in the system .

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Balaji,

Refer Note no 940893.



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you are changed the SAPJSF password in portal..

but the user exists in configtool....also

ok leave all the things,....

open the configtool....>usr/sap/sid/instance/j2ee/configtool/configtool.bat

server>services...> click on "restore default"

pls click on restore default values so that..

all the default values are stored now stop and start the system

pls let me know ..the result..