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Error in package dictionary objects (Proxy activation)

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I am getting the following error while activating the dictionary objects in the package.


Activity terminated because errors occurred during package checks

Message no. EU839


Dictionary objects can only be activated if the package check is swithch ed on - provided they do not contain any package check errors.

You will receive a list of the package check errors if you execute the package check within the appropriate dictionary tool. To do this, use the respective menu entry in the first menu of theen; corresponding dictionary tool.


Keep note of the setting for the package check (system-wide property) in your SAP System; this setting defines in which form the package concept is to be applied.

In particular, check whether the package in which the incorrect dictionary object is located has sufficient usage applications. Then, if necessary, create the missing usage applications.

As soon as the package check errors have been removed, you must again activate the dictionary object.


Can somebody help in rectifying the problem?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nitin,

Even I have faced the same problem some time before when I was doing some proxy Object geneartion.

When You assign a package to your Proxy , must see to it that for that particular package you give the use access.

Goto SE 21(package builder), open your package,select the use access tab, then click create, u will be prompted for package interface.

Now add, SAI_TOOLS in the package interface and severity as NO RESPONSE.

This is the default package usage access tool.

Hope this must work.I also assume you have created your proxy in the Package hierarchy as defined in



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Hi Rashmi,

Thanks!!! its activated now...

I have given the points.



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