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Error in Exception Reporting when hiding column BI 7.0

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Hello experts,

I have a simple query with two key figures.

- Budget

- Actual

I want Actual to be Red when is less than Budget.

I created a formula:

- ActualVsBudget = Actual - Budget

I created an exception on ActualVsBudget < 0

Data Cell affects Actual.

Two problems:

1. In Query Analyzer only ActualVsBudget gets colored (insted of Actual).

2. In Web it works fine, but as soon as I hide column ActualVsBudget (color doesnt work anymore).

Please tell me what am I doing wrong. This is a basic feauture in reporting, I guess SAP must be aware if it is a bug, but I havent find any note about this.


David G

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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While creating exceptions, you can choose the elements that need to be highlighed, I believe.

Regarding the problem with hiding the column, this is how exceptions behave when the column on which they are created is hidden in the query designer. What you can do here is to create a custom web template for the query, and in the properties of the analysis item (which you'll use to display the query), you can specify the range of columns you want to display from the query. Leave out the column on which exception is created. The exception will continue to work in this case.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much! That solved the problem, fortunately I already had the column at the end so it was easy to left it out.

Thanks again,

David G

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