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Error in Data loading

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I am trying to load data for 0customer_attr, but the data load fails with the error - Application document not posted.

The IDOC status is 51.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you may ask basis for help.

verify the IDoc things no problem, connection and authorization between bw and r/3 established well.

try check in monitoring - menu environment

-> 'ale management' - in datawarehouse and in source system.

take a look oss note 520012.


RSINFO Idocs with status 51 are repeatedly sent to the top. IDOCs with status 51 (document not posted) queue for ALE inbound processing. This may slow down the system.

Other terms

IDoc RSINFO, status 51, bd87, we05, RSRQST, R3 013

Reason and Prerequisites

The requests are started periodically and cause a R3 013 error message; the message is sent to the BW system but the requests retain a status 51. You can display the IDOCs via transaction we05. Enter RS* in the 'Logical message type' field and execute the process. You can also display the IDOCs with transaction bd87.


IDOCs with status 51 can be selected for deletion by running the 'RBDMANIN' report; do not use the 'Import in the background' indicator (you must manually remove the indicator).

Each relevant IDOC is then processed separately in the foreground and you can decide for each IDOC if you want to select it for deletion.

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Dear A.H.P,

I have a similar problem...where I scheduled an InfoPackage to get data from a R3 Datasource..BW is able to send the request OK....On R3 side.The incoming BW request is being handled by ABI_IDOC_DISPATCHER by default which is leaving the IDOC in Status 51......

Using WE19.....I was able to manually pump a couple of IDOCs...R3 was able service the request and send data to BW.

It seems the correct function module (R3 side) to process an incoming BW data request is RSAP_IDOC_DISPATCHER.

Instead ABI_IDOC_DISPATCHER is being invoked, by default, which is giving the problem (seems to be some kind of authorization issue!).

In WE20, I changed the partner profile to process using RSAP_IDOC_DISPATCHER. BUT somehow it is not being invoked.

I suppose some other setup (table entry) is conflicting with my setup ....

Any clues ?

Thanks, BB

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