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Error in Data load 0HE_STUDNT

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Hi All

I have problem in data loading in Time dependent Master data 0HE_STUDNT.

It is a 3.x flow and time dependent Master Data.

This master data consist of ATTRIBUTE and TEXT.

Data is loading into Attribute (ATTRIBUTES 0HE_STUDNT) from ODS 0HE_DS04

Data is loading in Text ( TEXTS 0HE_STUDNT) from Infosource 0HE_SLC_ST_1

Data is loading in ODS 0HE_DS_DS04 from Infosource 0HE_SLC_ST_1

Data is coming form dataSource 0HE_STUDNT_TEXT AND 0HE_STUDNT_ATTR to Infosource 0HE_SLC_ST_1

While I load the data in ODS and then Attribute of 0HE_STUDNT with out any problem the data loading is completed.

when I try to load the data in Text field the following error shown

0HE_STUDNT : Time overlapping of data record 1 with 15 : '['20111113'/'19000101'] '[to/from]

0HE_STUDNT : Time overlapping of data record 8 with 1 : '['20111111'/'19000101'] '[to/from]

Please Help me

Thanks and regards


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Answers (4)

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Looks like there are duplicate records..

you can do two things

in DTP you can select to ignore the duplicate record keys..

or in routine you can write the routine to sort the records with key and delete the adjacent duplicates..

Thanks and regards


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Hi Bapin,

This issue is due to overlapping validities of the records.

A time dependant record can have 'validity' for a single span of time. If such a record is defined for same period multiple times it shows time overlapping for that data. Same is the case with your issue.

You can simply remove the overlapping periods as shown.

0HE_STUDNT : Time overlapping of data record 1 with 15 : ''20111111'/'19000101' 'to/from

0HE_STUDNT : Time overlapping of data record 8 with 1 : "20111113'/'20111111' 'to/form

Please maintain the values as per your requirement that do not have overlappings.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Bapin,

There seems to be time-overlapping issue between the records in PSA.

To correct this, you need to edit the PSA records :

1) For PSA records 1-8 : Valid from (19000101) to Valid To (20111111)

2) For PSA records 8-15 : Valid from (20111112) to Valid To (20111113).

After this edition, the records date should not overlap with each other and error should not come anymore.



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this is occuring because the data for this field is time dependent so 0HE_STUDNT should have values for different dates.

There should be two records in PSA which can have same value for 0HE_STUDNT but different dates i.e. valid to/from.

kindly Edit/Correct the dates as they are overlapping as it is time dependent master data. Then upload from PSA or have them corrected in the source or else check with your ECC team about the issue

hope it helps