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Error In BODS Job.

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Hi All,

Can you please elaborate what is the meaning of below error. Here my source is database and target is SAP BW.

Here is Error log:

(14.2) 06-16-16 05:01:02 (E) (4924:9420) VAL-030102: |SESSION J_EMPLOYEE_SAL|WORKFLOW WF_EMPLOYEE_SAL                                                                                                                          _BATCH_FILE_EXTRACT|DATAFLOW DF_ EMPLOYEE_SAL |STATEMENT <GUID::'826c08e8-                                                                                  b975-4bd5-8cb4-92f7bd903a93' LOAD TABLE CLNT100.""."TD_                                                                                                                                  EMPLOYEE_SAL_DS@BODSPRD" INPUT(EMPLOYEE_SAL _TEMP_LOAD)>

                                                                                 Cannot load table with the wrong number of columns. Table <                                                                                                                                      TD_EMPLOYEE_SAL_DS@BODSPRD> has <24> columns while

                                                                                 the input schema < EMPLOYEE_SAL _TEMP_LOAD > has <25> columns. Ensure that the input                                                                                  matches the table schema.

Thanks and Regards,


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Answers (4)

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If you are adding a column to the table through the dataflow, you may also need to add the column to the database and reimport the table definition so BODS picks up the new column as well. Only tables that are Dropped and Re-Created have the ability to add columns without altering the table on the database and reimporting.

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There are 25 columns in the output schema of the last transform in your data flow. The target table has 24 columns only.

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Also check all the columns are mapped correctly on the target. Assign some hard coded values (0/null) on target columns if it is not mapped to the source column.



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Check the number for columns in source and target. It seems like mismatch in columns