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Error in BEx

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We have a quantity field in BEx, while displaying it - is showing as "1423.33 ERR". When we have checked the quantity field, it has 0unit as a reference unit of measure. But 0unit does not have any mapping in the transformations, so it has no data.

Here my doubt is, when we do not have 0unit data itself, in the report it should not show any unit of measure as "1423.33 ERR" which is not correct. Do we have any option to avoid displaying "ERR" for the quantity field except nodim option.

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Its probably because the Key figure doesn't have any Unit mapping from the Source. If you are not getting any units from the source you can define the Key Figure with Fixed UoM rather than assigning 0UNIT if that feasible in your scenario. Or you could always use NODIM() but then you would have to use it in every new query you create.