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Error Handling - Try/Catch Blocks

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I am looking to incorporate an error handling strategy using the try/catch blocks. Within my catch block i have a defined a workflow which calls another data flow. This data flow will write data to an error table, including the exception that was encountered.

Would you happen to know how is the exception being captured and how can I write it to the dataflow input?

I appreciate your help.



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The dataflow is quite simple, a Row_Gen -> Query_with_mapping -> ErrorTable

So you generate one row as you want to insert one row into the target and in the mapping you specify the column values, e.g. sysdate(), your variable holding the error message etc.

However, you are replicating things that are done automatically already. Check the AL_HISTORY repo table, ALVW_FLOW_STAT and other views. Hopefully you are happy with the runtime information found there.