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Error during WAS Sp9 installation with IGS.SAR

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I am running into the following error while running the SAPInst for the J2EE sp9 on my system. I get the following error message in the log:

ERROR 2004-11-23 13:05:07

MUT-03011 Execution of the command "C:/DOCUME1/ADMINI1/LOCALS~1/Temp/1/sapinst_exe.4460.1101225461/SAPCAR.exe '-x' '-v' '-g' '-i' '-n' '-R' 'C:\usr\sap/ABC/DVEBMGS01' '-f' 'C:/PATCH9/J2EE-RUNT-CD/IGS_SOFT/NT/I386/IGS.SAR,'" finished with return code 28. Output:

I followed all the instructions (updated my JDK to 1.4.2_06) and also updated my Kernel and all other packages following the steps of the stack 09 guide to the latest available patch. Any Idea was causing this??



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to ensure that your IGS is stopped prior to the patching of IGS (automatically patched during J2EE patching).

SAP note 737099 has details on how to stop IGS.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks for the quick response. I don't see any igs* processes running...I checked the Task Manager (and the Services just in case) and didn't find anything...the note recommends I use sapntkill -int <PROCESSID> ... is there a cmd utility to get the ids of all SAP Processes?


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Hi All,

Has anybody figured our how/where to determine the process id for the sapntkill command outlined in the note?

I'm getting the same error with another SAR file. I see that there are no igs processes running. Perhaps this is security related?

Any ideas?,


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The primary PIDs for an SAP system on NT are owned by sapservice<SID>. This is why you are not seeing the PIDs for IGS when logged into the server as <SID>adm or through the task manager. Also, sapservice<SID> is not an interactive user and consequently you cannot logon to the server with this id.

I recommend using the command prompt for this activity.

command:>qprocess sapservice<SID>

command:>sapntkill -INT <PID1> <PID2> <PID3>

Be sure to kill the PIDs for igswd, igspw & igsmux processes.

Hope this helps!

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