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Error during installation of replication server on Primary DB

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Hi All,

I am trying to install SAP Replication server on Primary DB where I am getting an error.

Require advise on the below error.

Following activities are already performed:

1. Install ECC6 system on Primary DB (SYBSERVER3) with Central Instance & ASCS on SYBSERVER1

2. Install Empty DB on Standby DB (SYBSERVER2)

3. Install Sap Replication Server on Standby DB (SYBSERVER2)

4. Install Sap Replication Server on Primary DB (SYBSERVER3), Promt for manual materialization of the Standby DB

5. Load the standby DB using 'load database' command from the dump taken from Primary DB

6. Install Sap Replication Server on Primary DB (SYBSERVER3), confirm the Dialog manual materialization of the Standby DB

7. Runs into error

Initial analysis:

Tried to start the REP AGENT SW1_SYBSERVER2.SW1, but command does not work.

Any thoughts on how to proceed further?



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Hi Marc,

Yes, you guessed it right.

Here is the complete text.

I had followed the steps as per the Installation guide for NW 740 (Chapter 7 - Disaster Recovery Setup with Sap Replication Server)



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Unfortunately that one-liner doesn't really help much.  I'd suggest looking for additional details in the sapinst_dev.log file (as recommended at the bottom of that image).

NOTE: While I do work with Replication Server, I do not work with SAP applications running on Sybase dataservers/repservers; net result is that I'm not familiar with SAP's custom scripting for installing Replication Server.  You may also want to post your issue in the forum to see if you can catch the attention of folks more knowledgeable about SAP scripting.

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Hello Sai,

When an error occurs during HADR setup:

1) First examine sapinst_dev.log. It contains the error as seen from the SAP installer point of view.

2) If you need more details about identified failing step, you may want to check control.xml file. It contains the source code of each step performed by SAP Installer.

3) If error in SAP Installer is not clear enough to solve the problem, examine the DR Agent log.

- For DR Agent/ASE commands: look for ‘TDS Language’ string.

- For SRS commands: look for ‘Executing Rep Server command’ string.

4) Finally, if problem is still unclear, check the ASEs and SRSs logs for details. Note this will be valid only if you're installing Primary site, and depending on which phase the replication environment configuration fails.

sap_status path output is usually unuseful as it only shows the status of replication, but doesn't provide details about the problem itself.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI All,

Please be informed that, SRS installation on Primary DB is successful.

I had uninstalled the SRS & DR Agent on Primary DB that failed.The SRS & DR Agent on Standby DB was uninstalled followed by uninstallation of Standby DB.

Following activities were performed in order to successfully complete the SRS Setup

Prerequisite: EEC6 EHP6 is already installed with Sybase as DB on Primary DB

Set the following parameters on Primary DB:

1. sp_dboption SW1, 'trunc log on chkpt', 'false'


(This will turn OFF the truncation of transaction log on checkpoint)

3. sp_dpoption SW1, 'full logging for all', 'true'

4. go

5. Install the Empty DB on Standby DB followed by installation of SRS & DR Agent on Standby DB (disable the configure check box in the Sap Installer).

6. SRS & DR Agent was installed on Primary DB (enable the configure chcek box in the Sap Installer).

7. Sap Installer on Primary DB promts for manual materialization of the Standby DB.

8. Dump database to a file on Primary DB

    dump database SW1 to ‘E:\dump_db\ dump_05_06_2015.dmp‘ with compression='101'

9. Set the parameter after dump database on Primary DB

    sp_dboption SW1, 'enforce dump tran sequence', 'true'


10. Copy the dump to Standby DB

11. Load the database of Standby DB using the dump of Primary DB

      load database SW1 from ‘E:\dump_db\ dump_05_06_2015.dmp‘

12. Bring the Standby database online

      online databse SW1


13. Resume the installer on Primary DB, the installer cheks for the replication marks and finishes successfully.

I have tested the relpication scenario and it works.

Test case:

1. Created a user Test1 is Prmary DB (using tcode SU01)

2. Executed the select query on Standby DB

select * from SAPSR3.USR02 where BNAME='TEST1'and MANDT='000'

3. SQL query is successfuly able to show the TEST1 user details from USR02 table.



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Thats great Sai, am happy the issue is resolved now.

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