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Error dumping instance data from landscape. See TraceLog for additional details.

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Getting the above error when trying to generate Schedule Analysis report using BI Support tool.

Details from TraceLog:
CMS Operation timed out after 9 minutes.

Please refer to attached screenshot of logs. Any help highly appreciated. 

Kind Regards

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Hi Iqbalpreet,

Thanks for posting.  This error occurs when the CMS is not able to process the query within the query timeout.  This is indicative of slow query performance and/or a very large BI system with a lot of historical instances and objects. 

Things to try from BIPST client:

  • Try setting a small date range for the Schedule Analysis.  On the Create Report screen where you check "Schedule Analysis", click the calendar to set a date range.

  • Change the InfoStore query batch size from 1000 to 100 in Preferences-->General

  • Run Schedule Analysis report during off business hours

Things to do on CMS side to improve query performance:

  • Confirm CMS is not bottlenecked in terms of CPU and Memory (make sure there is also plenty of available CPU and Memory resources on the host)

  • Confirm CMS database is not bottlenecked in terms of CPU, Memory, Disk Access etc (make sure there is also plenty of available CPU and Memory resources on the host)

  • Make sure network bandwidth between CMS and CMS database is optimized

  • Rebuild CMS database indexes (this should be done periodically)

  • If plenty of available memory on the CMS host, increase -maxobjectsincache switch for CMS server to increase amount of objects to be stored in CMS memory

  • Delete old instances from your BI Platform which are not required to be kept anymore (or implement instance limits)

Let me know how it works out or if you have questions.


Toby Johnston
SAP America, Inc.