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Error downloading the Application/Framework files: DMZ issues

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We have the sync servlet outside the DMZ. Users can do a sync of the data using this but when they want to download the WAR file (The Framework or Application) it doesnt let them do it.

The workaround that our basis guy has come up with is to go the Table where the PATH of the WAR file is stored (you can see this path in the Webconsole) and changed the relative name to include the full http://.. name. This works, however is there a way to specify the location of framework or application file when we upload it using the WebConsole to include the full path instead of the relative path?

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is a field in the WebConsole where you can enter the domain name when uploading the war file.

When you click on "Upload Mobile Component", there is a text box named: "Domain in URL". Enter something like:

In this way, the URL for app download will have a full qualified name.

Hope that helps.


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