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Error Creating a HANA Standby, SPS 11

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I am working on building a HANA standby database running on a single server. We are not using containers, and this is SPS11 on Redhat Linux. 

When I register the secondary system using HANA Studio I get the following error.  The error is also found in the nameserver trace file.

"unable to contact primary site [primary hostname:port] original error: ssl: bad certificate, location=[host]

Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi George,

I am also trying to register the secondary system from HANA studio and receiving the exact same error as you are.

Did you find any solution for this?



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Have you looked at:

2250713 - System replication registration of Secondary site results in SSL error

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Thanks Michael,

I got replication working.  The ticket you referenced lead me to the security manual.  Section say to copy the keys over to the standby.


Copy the system PKI SSFS data file and key file from

the primary system to the same location on the secondary system(s)



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